Hi, folks. For a number of reasons, FIZIX is now shepherds of saturn.

From the shepherds of saturn blog on shepherdsofsaturn.com:

"After what was a surprisingly difficult decision-making process, FIZIX is now shepherds of saturn. 

The switch comes as the result of conversations with other artists operating under the name FIZIX, FiZiX, and other similar names, a general disappointment in the name FIZIX, and a nagging voice in the back of my head encouraging me to return to the name under which I'd produced music some years ago- shepherds of saturn.

The new name is a reference to five of Saturn's moons, whose net gravitational field creates the pattern in Saturn's rings. This was a concept that I found fascinating- that massive, distant celestial bodies could work together in total isolation and in complete absence of communication to create a uniform, stable, constant, and ultimately beautiful system of rings around an entire planet. To me, it exemplifies the extraordinarily interconnected nature of our Universe, and is a macrocosmic example of an idea that I've always believed in: that cooperation can lead to emergent results that are greater than the sum of their parts.

I'm so excited to take the first step on this new journey, and I'm even more excited to have each of you with me. :o] 

Philly Tonight


Howdy friends, I'll be at 33rd and Race in Philly tonight, playing from 8-11. See ya there! :D



Last night at Flux was bananas. Thanks so much to everybody who came out! :o]

Live Schedule


Some really exciting live shows are in the works, beginning with Night Glow at Flux in Philly on Feb 1. More to be announced soon, so keep an eye out!

As Promised


Check out the sounds page to hear what's in the oven.



Hey everybody. Still working on lots of new dubstep to send your way. Be patient- I'm in the middle of discovering a completely new sound for FIZIX, and I promise it won't disappoint. :o]

Fizix Lesson #1


Thanks again to everybody who came out and had a blast last night! 

If you missed out, you can still find last night's set on the Sounds page.

FIZIX gets hard


New FACE RIPPING dubstep on the Sounds page.

Upcoming Shows


Welp, with the fall season coming up, there are lots of FIZIX shows happening! Check out the Shows page to find about them. For even more information, check out the FIZIX Facebook page.
For all of you that somehow have discovered this site before it's officially live on its proper URL, I've posted a private link to a new track on the Sounds page.

The track is called Fully Alive, is a blend of progressive house, trance, and moombahton, and is a real banger. Enjoy! :o]